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The sound of an Alfred Verhoef flute is determined by the specific wood of that flute and its various measurements. All the measurements are equal with the exception of the diameter of the instrument, which is determined each time by the specific properties of the wood which is used. When a flute is ready to play, I make tiny changes to the blow-hole and bore until the flute begins to sing and the optimal sound is there. As a result of this, every flute is unique and there is no ‘standard’ AV flute. All the keywork is built to fit each particular flute , with the precision needed to fit the diameter of each instrument coming from skilled handiwork.

As a flute maker I am always aware that there are matters which could be improved. Technically, new developments could lead to the keywork becoming stronger, more stable or more ergonomical, helping to aid a flutists posture. It might be possible to enhance the colour or the purity of the instrument further. The pictures above show the latest developments I have made to my flutes. Some aspects of these developments are explained further under ‘Making Flutes’.