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Print/download pricelist 2023

pricelist 2023 Print/download pricelist 2023   Pricelist 2023
For many years Alfred Verhoef has been making wooden concert flutes in seven different types of wood, each 
with a number of distinguishing properties: rich in tone with a warm sound and very responsive in all 
registers, a rich colour-pallet and a full sound, a precise intonation with a totally new scale and special beds 
for the tone holes, producing a strong projection. The carefully selected wood has been aged for between 20 
and 120 years.
The keywork has been completely redesigned in 2020. The refined finished mechanism is strong, stable and 
well adjustable, due to specially designed adjusting screws and hardened axles. AV flutes are entirely made by 
The new standard model has a half-offset system, E-mechanism, open hole keys, a B-foot with three rollers 
and a gizmo key. The plates and rollers of the foot are angled at 5° for a better ergonomic position. 
The completely pinless mechanism is stable, and easy to play. The new AV 2020 system has, next to the 
already existing fixed C#/upper-hand-axle, a fixed underhand-axle with light and easy-going keys, the new 
sound strip-system and special AV pads. The keys are made of silver and are extra 1000/1000 silverplated, 
or, on request, 24 carat gold plated. Please find more information on www.verhoef-flutes.com
Standard model: E-mechanism, open hole keys and B-foot joint, with a round head*
including 21% VAT      excluding 21% VAT
bubinga, African rosewood        16.200      13.390
bahia S. American rosewood,        16.310      13.480
African blackwood      16.640      13.750
cocobolo      17.190      14.200
coromandel      17.670      14.600
palisander      18.150      15.000
cocus wood      18.480      15.280
C-foot joint instead of B-foot joint: prices above -8%
Alfred Verhoef heads, round head*, without a case
bubinga        2.420        2.000
bahia        2.430        2.010
African blackwood        2.480        2.050
cocobolo        2.540        2.100
coromandel        2.620        2.160
palisander        2.630        2.170
cocus wood        2.750        2.280
* Increase for a shaped head           260           220
* Increase for a wing-model head           490           400
Prices of wooden heads for metal flutes are 80% of the prices mentioned above.
Prices for closed-hole keys, no E-mechanism, 24 carat gold plating, loose C-foot joint or B-foot joint 
on request. These special applications or parts can only be supplied to order.
The flute comes in a leather-bound case, including a wooden cleaning rod, cork grease and lined 
Alfred Verhoef concert flutes, Kennemerstraatweg 116, 1815LD, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 
tel. *31 72 5110 879  mob. *31 646 27 27 27 www.verhoef-flutes.com  info@verhoef-flutes.com